Trailer For Elevate Combat League – the Sci-Fi, Sports-Arena Shooter

Independent developer, Atomicom, has today announced the development of its latest title, the sci-fi, sports-arena shooter, Elevate Combat League. In the game, players can sculpt the arena to their advantage using exciting skills and weapons. The game’s flagship mode is a deadly contact sport where players will fight for control of a ball with which they can score goals. Elevate will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“We’re thrilled to give press and public a preview of our new game, Elevate Combat League,” said Andy Santos, Design Director of Atomicom. “With Elevate we will push the competitive sports-arena shooter into exciting new territory. The ability to sculpt the level offers great tactical depth, while the skills players are equipped with means they can react quickly to the challenges of a rapidly changing arena.”

In the year 2097, a groundbreaking championship was created for mass entertainment. Soon after, all other sports became obsolete and the Elevate Combat League was born. Within this now dominant sport, armed athletes called Grid Runners fight each other individually or in teams on high-tech sculptable arenas. Players are given skills in order to best their opponents including sculpt, grapple, climb, surf, shield and jet pack. They must utilise their expertise across challenging team and solo modes.

Elevate has been built from the ground up for evenly-matched competition with characters balanced by rank. Players are also able to compete in online leagues based on their ranks. As players rise through the leagues, their skills begin to last longer, resulting in increasingly spectacular encounters. Elevate takes the classic futuristic aesthetic of sci-fi sports and gives players of any level a unique experience. You can never take your eye off the ball…or the arena.

The studio is also working with Lotus TV Macau who will be building a TV series around the game which will air during launch across south east asia. The Lotus league will be a unique league within the game offering high end prizes and live eSports events.

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