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Crusaders of Light Launches on Steam

Crusaders of Light, is now available to play on Steam, along with a new global server (Ferroc Camp, set at North America UTC -8), and a major content update (“Surge of Elements”) that introduces a new team raid, a new dungeon, two new deadly bosses, and an all-new class: the Elementalist.
Now available on iOS, Android, Facebook Gameroom, and, starting today, Valve’s Steam digital distribution platform, Crusaders of Light features over 300 hours of available gameplay, a gorgeous 3D fantasy world, a series of challenging dungeons, and epic 40-person raids. With Crusaders of Light, MMORPG fans can continue their adventures at home or on the go.
Download Crusaders of Light on Steam today HERE.
Meet the Elementalists and learn more about the “Surge of Elements” update in an all-new tra...

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Crusaders of Light is coming out on Steam!

NetEase Games (NASDAQ: NTES) today announced that Crusaders of Light, the cross-platform fantasy MMORPG, will soon be available on Steam for PC players in March 2018. Previously launched on The App Store, Google Play and Facebook Gameroom, Crusaders of Light features a gorgeous 3D fantasy world, a series of challenging dungeons, and raids of up to 40 players. Players can join in on the adventure whether they’re on mobile or desktop and continue questing with the same character.

In celebration of the game’s launch on Steam, NetEase will simultaneously open a new server for North American players, as voted for by the Crusaders of Light community. The new server — Ferroc Camp, set at North America UTC -8 — will be available across all platforms...

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The world of ARK: Survival Evolved just became far larger today as the game’s second expansion pack “Aberration” has gone live. Set in elaborate underground caves, where players must hide from dangerously intense sun that has turned the ARK’s surface into an irradiated hellscape, ARK: Aberration contains a new storyline to explore, dozens of new creatures to tame and more than 50 new items to craft.

Waking up on ‘Aberration’ – a derelict, malfunctioning ARK featuring an elaborate underground biome system filled with new challenges unlike those found on prior ARK maps. Extreme radioactive sunlight, earthquakes, and environmental hazards, ziplines, wingsuits, climbing gear, fantastical creatures like the Rock Drake and Basilisk, and more await survivors throughout these vast caverns...

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BANDAI NAMCO today unveiled a new trailer and announced that the famous Japanese hard rock band VAMPS will be featured in the third-person action RPG CODE VEIN. The game will include some songs of their 4th album “Underworld” released in July 2017.

HYDE (L’Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust) joined together in 2008 to form VAMPS, and have released 13 singles and 4 albums to date. VAMPS have performed at many indoor and outdoor events, both in Japan and overseas. 2016 saw them sign a deal with the leading American management company 10th Street Entertainment, and they have been expanding progressively in both their music production and number of concerts overseas...

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – New Trailer – A mysterious android (Story teaser)

Who is this mysterious android and what role will she play in the Dragon Ball FighterZ story?

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Cities: Skylines Expansions Coming to Consoles, Starting with Snowfall Today

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of digital entertainment and an advocate for growth (urban, gaming, and otherwise), today announced that “Snowfall,” a weather-focused expansion for Cities: Skylines, will be released on both the Xbox One and PlayStation®4 consoles, as well as on Windows 10. Owners of either Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition, Cities: Skylines – PlayStation®4 Edition or Cities: Skylines – Windows 10 Edition will be able to add a flurry of features to their games with Snowfall, including a new set of special “Winter” maps which challenge mayors to keep the roads clear and the neighborhoods warm when the weather gets rough — along with streetcars for new public transit options...

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Create your own avatar in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet, meet new characters, and explore the world with your own AI companion! Your choices will change this world. Out Early 2018 on PS4, XB1 and PC.

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Today, Slightly Mad Studios announced that five Hot Wheels cars featured in Project Cars 2 will be made into Hot Wheels diecast cars and available at retailers beginning fall 2017.

The five Hot Wheels vehicles are currently featured in Project CARS 2 and include three of the world’s most prestigious GT cars—the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 (Team Hot Wheels #68), the Acura NSX GT3 (Advan Racing Team #76), and the Audi R8 LMS (Team Hot Wheels #5). Two additional classics from the motorsport world join this group of high performance race machines with the BMW M1 Procar (Team Project CARS #15), and Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 DTM (Team Hot Wheels #91).

To see the five Hot Wheels inspired vehicles in-game, check out the new Project CARS 2 – Hot Wheels trailer

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Battle Princess Madelyn Gets Ready to Dazzle and Amaze

Causal Bit Games is excited to present a stunning new trailer to commemorate the recent success on Kickstarter of Battle Princess Madelyn, that quadrupled the target set, and also to thank the many fans who have supported the game is set to release on PC, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Wii U – which is due for release first quarter 2018.

“Development is well underway on console platforms, as well as PC, and gaming fans of this genre will find many surprises in store with our epic and captivating storyline, and a host of exciting confrontations that will unfold as they progress deeper into Battle Princess Madelyn. Unlock your companions’ powers and destroy the evil wizard once and for all!” said Christopher Obritsch, Creative Director at Causal Bit Games...

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The Elder Scrolls Online – What Is the Clockwork City?

In the world of Tamriel, its very existence is a closely guarded secret. The entrance to this covert city lies hidden in a secret underground vault. The location is known to only a select few beyond Sotha Sil’s inner circle. But later this year, intrepid explorers will brave the Clockwork God’s mechanical masterwork for the first time ever in The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest DLC game pack, Clockwork City.
“We chose the Clockwork City to be The Elder Scrolls Online’s next zone because it’s a unique location that we haven’t fully explored,” says Creative Director Rich Lambert. “This is Sotha Sil’s realm. It’s his interpretation of how the world looks, how it works, or perhaps how he wants it to be...

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