Crusaders of Light is coming out on Steam!

NetEase Games (NASDAQ: NTES) today announced that Crusaders of Light, the cross-platform fantasy MMORPG, will soon be available on Steam for PC players in March 2018. Previously launched on The App Store, Google Play and Facebook Gameroom, Crusaders of Light features a gorgeous 3D fantasy world, a series of challenging dungeons, and raids of up to 40 players. Players can join in on the adventure whether they’re on mobile or desktop and continue questing with the same character.

In celebration of the game’s launch on Steam, NetEase will simultaneously open a new server for North American players, as voted for by the Crusaders of Light community. The new server — Ferroc Camp, set at North America UTC -8 — will be available across all platforms. Players can pre-register now for the new Ferroc Camp server to exclusively receive up to $50 worth of in-game gifts and an exclusive gift pack. Full details can be found on the pre-registration page.

Pre-registration is now open HERE

Whether at home or on the go, Crusaders of Light players can set virtual foot in a the fantastical world of Milura and experience over 300 hours of available gameplay, featuring exciting loot quests, crafting customizations and increasingly difficult dungeon trials. Players can play how they like, where they like, switching easily between mobile and PC using their same character. A fully-fledged MMORPG with PC-quality graphics, Crusaders of Light was nominated one of Facebook’s 2017 Best Free-to-Play Gameroom Games of the Year.

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