The Journey Down: Chapter Three Out Now

Independent developer SkyGoblin proudly presents the last chapter of their award-winning point and click adventure game with a unique Afro-Caribbean vibe, The Journey Down, now available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux and the App Store. The third and final chapter of The Journey Down is set in the mystical jungles and ruins of the Underland, where players once and for all unravel the remaining secrets of the tale.

“Our African art inspired adventure game trilogy “The Journey Down” reaches its bombastic climax with the third and final chapter released today”, said Mathias Johansson, co-founder of SkyGoblin. “It’s been one hell of a journey with many ups and downs but we are damn proud of what we have achieved while following our dream.”

In The Journey Down: Chapter Three, players embark on an adventure together with the protagonist Bwana and his companions through the mystical jungles and ancient ruins of the Underland. Soon they discover the fate of Bwana’s lost father, Captain Kaonandodo, and unravel the grand conspiracy surrounding the Armando Power Company, the evil corporation trying to exploit Underland and stop everyone from reaching it.

The Journey Down owes much of its character and pattern design to traditional central African arts such as carvings and masks from the Makonde and Chokwe tribes. The music is also heavily inspired by reggae and African jazz, and the cast of characters includes actors with both Caribbean and Central African accents. The combined effect between this soundscape and the African-inspired visuals holds strong identity and a truly unique, never before experienced artistic flavor.

Download The Journey Down: Chapter Three separately or as a part of the discounted “The Journey Down Trilogy” bundle on Steam or App Store.

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