Round up the monsters in Monster Loops

Independent developer Mad Head Games today announced that Monster Loops, the free-to-play touch-based arcade game, is available today to download on the iOS App Store. In Monster Loops, spherical monsters inhabit the darkness of a colourful world. Head to different areas and catch as many monsters as you can before the timer runs out. It’s a simple, fun and very fast-paced arcade swipe-em-up that you won’t want to put down! Monster Loops is the next title in Mad Head’s Indie Accelerator Programme, the game is a collaboration between Mad Head Games and Binx Interactive.

“Monster Loops is one of those games that is very simple, but has a very satisfying central mechanic, said Nenad Tomic, CEO of Mad Head Games. “However, with all of the unlockable monsters, fun additional objectives, leaderboards to climb and achievements to complete, we have added a ton of depth and replayability to this deceptively casual game.”

Catch monsters by connecting their orbs together in a chain of the same colour, earn bonus points and power ups by looping them back together. Be careful though, as your chain can be blocked by different coloured monster orbs! Challenge your reactions and your fingers to this addictive arcade game. Play through levels again and again to rack up your score, complete objectives, climb leaderboards and unlock new monsters with extra perks! Monster Loops is a fast-paced arcade game, perfect for quick-fire sessions when you have a spare minute or two. Be warned, Monster Loops will bring out the obsessive monster catcher in you that you never knew was there!

Monster Loops Features
• 3 monster types: Vamporbs, Frankenballs and Mummyspheres!
• Unlock 30 different monsters!
• Complete objectives and level up!
• Climb leaderboards and beat your friends’ high scores!
• Unlockable environments with even tougher challenges to come!
• Watch very short ads for additional perks like double XP or reshuffled objectives!
• Optional In-App Purchases for bucketloads of extra coins and a completely ad-free experience!

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