LIGHT TRACER now delivers extraordinary VR experience for PlayStation VR

As of today, the revolutionary puzzle platform Light Tracer is available for PlayStation VR for 12.99 EUR. Armed with divine powers and a mysterious light wand, players emerge into the virtual worlds of the fascinating puzzle hit to solve challenging riddles and manipulate the world of the game.

Light Tracer combines tricky riddles with action-packed games mechanics and impressive virtual effects. In this magical VR-title, players take on the role of a mysterious divine being who thanks to his light wand possess enough power to manipulate the world of the game as he pleases. Skillfully, players have to interact with objects of the game’s universe and manipulate different items to remove obstacles. During the course of the game, the player discovers more and more about the hidden connection between the princess and the magic tower.

‘Light Tracer offers PS VR players a new form of platform game that includes a journey through ambitious riddles, colossal heights and artistic effects’, says Alen Wu, Business Director at Oasis Games. ‘The princess‘s journey covers eight different chapters, ranging from ice- and gravity riddles to mechanical gadgets. Each level is concluded by a challenging boss fight that requires strategy and fast reflexes.’

Light Tracer is a magical journal into the virtual reality of PlayStation VR, with exciting riddles and stunning visual effects that redefine the gaming experience for puzzle platforms.

• A new kind of puzzle game: The player leads the princess through an extraordinary gaming universe where objects are manipulated and tricky riddles are waiting to be solved.
• The power of the gods: Armed with a magical light wand, several objects can be manipulated
• Breathtaking Graphics: A fascinating, almost toy-like world comes to life, when players have to climb a huge tower alongside the princess.
• 8 different worlds: Each chapter in Light Tracer offers new riddles, challenges and threats as well as story elements.
• Amazing Boss fights: Each chapter ends with an extraordinary boss fight that requires strategy as well as fast reflexes to succeed against opponents such as a rock giant or a sinister snow man.

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