HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND now available for PlayStation 4

HIDDEN DRAGON LEGEND traces back to imperial China: the main character was poisoned by dark factions and is now forced to kill. When he finds out that he is put under a spell for an evil purpose, he decides to settle the score and fights for revenge. The character has to face off against powerful enemies and beat them with acrobatic fighting skills and audacious maneuvers. The game’s difficulties reside in the challenges players face while meeting legions of enemies with different weapons and skills, while the extensive RPG-type skill tree allows for individual customization of fighters‘ abilities and gives the character dynamic and depths.

The players‘ skills are especially challenged when they have to solve exciting puzzles during the heated Hack & Slash combat and score with breathtaking combos. The Metroidvania-Style riddles are key to defeating countless hordes of enemies and bosses, before they claim the power of an old object. This magical object called Dragon Cauldron gives you supernatural powers, but will cost your sanity and rationality – because once the player falls under the Dragon Cauldron’s spell, he turns into a bloodthirsty puppet who only listens to the commands of the dark forces.

Hidden Dragon Legend combines acrobatic action, desperate battles and rich story lines to ensure great entertainment and fun, said Alen Wu, Business Director at Oasis Games. During PAX WEST 2017, Hidden Dragon Legend arose a lot of attention, fans were marvelling at the impressive visuals and interactive background of this game.
• Action heavy gameplay — 2.5D Hack & Slash Gameplay set in ancient China.
• Varied fighting system — Enemies are vanquished with a number of attacks and exciting combos and skills.
• Fights with skill and style – Characters fight through hostile waves with lightning fast and deadly attacks as well as perfectly timed counter attacks to achieve maximum combo scores.
• Breathtaking acrobatics — Players can jump, swim and climb to discover remote areas or to flee from hostile fractions.
• Numerous Challenges — Players solve exciting puzzles to unleash their skills and compete against powerful bosses.
• Endless gaming depth — Exploring the vast skill tree offers limitless combinations with “Soul Stones” to improve weapons and statistics and unlocks special moves.
• Infinite Fun —Beginner-friendly with extensive contents and over 10 hours of Gameplay.

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