Globetrotting Trivia Game ‘Backpacker’ Out Now on the App Store and Google Play

Swedish developer and publisher MAG Interactive today announced that Backpacker, a travel trivia game developed by WeAreQiiwi Interactive, is available for download on iOS and Android. In Backpacker players journey through the greatest cities in the world, spanning across five continents and complete various missions and trivia challenges, while educating themselves about the places they visit along the way.

“For years we have been successfully publishing our own games that are now played by millions around the world, and now we are excited to use our experience to realise the full potential of Backpacker”, said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of MAG Interactive. “Qiiwi has made sure that, whether you’re a trivia fan or not, Backpacker has plenty of fun activities for everyone, including mini games, missions, competitions and more. Time to pack your bags and start your backpacking adventure now!”

Backpacker transports players to the streets of Rome or Washington with only 500 coins in their pockets and unfettered wanderlust. Players hustle for money, taking on odd jobs and completing various missions while sightseeing at popular places in order to save up enough cash for a ticket elsewhere. Managing money requires making tough decisions, such as opting for a risky hobo life rather than a comfortable bed in a hotel or bargaining for a better price in under-the-counter souvenir trades.

Social interaction is an important part of Backpacker’s gameplay experience. Players can follow their friends’ journeys around the world and interact with one another if they are in the same city. For example, players can lend a helping hand by sending some coins, keep an eye on each other’s progress by checking passports and, not to mention, compete with them for the leading positions on toplists.

Throughout this backpacking adventure, players will conquer tons of trivia challenges that test their knowledge in hundreds of different jobs in various categories. With weekly trivia and mini-games challenges players can win extra rewards and souvenirs if they prove their proficiency in certain subjects. Each city also presents unique souvenir items that players can collect and keep as a memory in their backpack. Backpacker already features 36 cities with more to be added regularly, keeping players’ itchy feet satisfied.

Download Backpacker for free on App Store or Google Play

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