Frantic Arcade Title ‘Cosmic Kites’ Out Now on Steam

Fishmoose Interactive today announced that their intense local multiplayer arcade game, Cosmic Kites, is now available on Steam for PC. Inspired by the classic puzzle games such as Snake and Tron, Cosmic Kites combines vibrant colors, great music and loads of dazzling explosions into one fast-paced action title that is sure to keep players on their toes. Controlling animal spirits, from dragons to squids, players must use the tail to wipe out the competition in lightning quick rounds.

“Cosmic Kites is our tribute to the frantic puzzle games that we grew up playing and loving”, said Alexander Schach, programmer and artist from Fishmoose Interactive. “We think players will really enjoy our twist to the timeless formula that has remained popular for decades. So grab a friend and enjoy some good old LAN party time.”

In Cosmic Kites players ravage their opponents in a frenetic tail battle controlling either dragons, warthogs, birds or squids. Featuring short intense rounds requiring rapid movements and split-second decisions, Cosmic Kites will keep players coming back for more to experiment with a variety of offensive and defensive power-ups, including energy beams, exploding plasma orbs and spiky shields. In addition to six modes available in the game, players will have an opportunity to customize their own modes by tinkering with power-up and cooldown times, adding obstacles and more. With only three buttons to keep track of, anyone can jump in and play, but the rapid gameplay and increasing difficulty will present quite a challenge even to more experienced players. Cosmic Kites has a local multiplayer option for up to four players.

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