First PES 2018 Data Pack Available for Download Today

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that its first Data Pack for PES 2018 is now available to download for free on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, PlayStation®3, Xbox360™ and Steam.
Amongst the many improvements included in this Data Pack are 100 new and updated player faces. This is a result of KONAMI’s innovative 3D face scanning technology which has allowed KONAMI to replicate even the smallest physical details of a player, from their tattoos to the way their kit fits them.
In addition, the latest UEFA Champions League kits from teams such as Atlético Madrid and A.S. Roma are included in the update, alongside this season’s latest football boots which detail accurate branding and boot/lace colour combinations. This is all part of KONAMI’s ongoing commitment to making PES 2018’s gameplay as lifelike as possible for the user.
Also included in Data Pack 1 are updated cut scenes for the Master League.
Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director of Brand and Business Development at KONAMI, says, “We are thrilled at the global reception we’ve seen for PES 2018 so far. It has been the most successful PES launch to date and we’re glad fans of the game are impressed with the quality of the in-game experience we’ve been able to deliver.”
Lygaard continues, “Our promise to offer the most realistic and accurate experience for our PES 2018 players is evident in our Data Packs. Our continued determination to ensure every detail of the game reflects real life is clear in the detail in these packs which our dedicated team continues to improve on.”
Reinforcing KONAMI’s continued commitment in giving its customers the best player experience possible, the company also confirmed today that Data Pack 2 is already in development for PES 2018 and is planned for release mid-November. More details will be announced soon!
PES 2018 is now available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, PlayStation®3 and Xbox360™. The game is also available via Steam in a version that has undergone substantial improvements in terms of aesthetics and content, ensuring the game enjoys parity with the current gen formats.

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