First DLC Released for Steel Division: Normandy 44

Paradox Interactive today launched the first DLC for Steel Division: Normandy 44. Second Wave, the first DLC since the tactical RTS game’s release in May 2017, is now available on Windows PCs for $7.99. Today’s update also features a new free game mode, “Closer Combat”, the first of several free updates coming this year.

The Second Wave DLC rolls out four new divisions, including two Allied: the 4th Armored Division (US) and 1st Special Service Brigade (UK), and two Axis: 9. Panzer (DE) and 16. Luftwaffen (DE). Second Wave also includes an exclusive ace – Lt. Col. Creighton W. Abrams and his famous thunderbolt M4 tank, along with 35 new units, including the legendary M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer!

Closer Combat, based on the Conquest Mode aims to make the beginning of battle more authentic by restricting the vehicle rush to the center of the map. This gives players more time to define strategy and more control on unit placement. In Closer Combat mode:
All transported units can be purchased and deployed without a vehicle.
Deployment zones are closer to each other than in other modes.
Players earn points once they control 52% of the battlefield (instead of 51%).
Other new features in today’s update include a remastered, more accessible first campaign mission, a new shortcut to toggle “slow-mo” in single player mode, and official servers for 4v4 games, to help reduce lags induced by the peer-to-peer mode, along with more balancing and more bug fixing.

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