Distrust inspired by John Carpenter’s Movie ‘The Thing’ is out now

Alawar Premium today announced that its 3D Sci-fi survival game, Distrust, is now available on Steam for PC. Inspired by John Carpenter’s classic movie ‘The Thing’, Distrust combines survival gameplay with an intriguing story and unexpected plot twists. In an abandoned scientific base deep in the remote Arctic, players must try to withstand the harsh climate while scavenging for supplies through a randomly generated environment full of deadly anomalies that threaten their sanity, all in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the base’s crew.

“After a rigorous testing phase we are excited to finally launch Distrust on Steam. We believe that fans of horror fiction will enjoy the game’s atmosphere that reflects John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’, which was the main inspiration for the story,” said Artem Bochkarev, Producer at Alawar. “In addition to a captivating narrative and exciting survival gameplay, Distrust packs in plenty of game events, quests and plot twists that make each survival attempt different and terrifying.”

A helicopter crash has left two lone survivors stranded near an abandoned Arctic scientific base. Playing as both survivors, players switch back and forth between them to scavenge the base for food and supplies while also battling a terrifying force that attacks the characters as they sleep, sucking the life out of their bodies. However, if players choose to avoid the force by staying awake, they risk getting exhausted and crippled by harmful character mutations. Once one character’s perception of reality has been altered the player must switch more constantly between the two to determine what is real and what is not, all the while unraveling the mystery of what has happened to the base’s missing residents. Featuring a selection of 15 characters with unique skills and abilities, various mutations, quests and randomly generated maps, Distrust is now available on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/635200/Distrust/

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