Crusaders of Light – Developer offers insight into creating mobile MMORPG

After the successful completion of the 400.000$ Fastest Dungeon Raid Competition, and Team Ascension taking the prize, NetEase announces future plans for Crusaders of Light in an interview with Product Manager Stan Wang. Wang granted insight into the development process, the inspiration behind the game, and the difficulties that have to be overcome in creating a full-blown MMORPG for mobile devices:

According to Wang, constructive feedback by the community is crucial for the improvement of the game, and an essential part in bringing MMORPGs to mobile devices. Regarding the limited nature of mobile devices’ controls in comparison to stationary systems, focusing on mechanics like team-like raid-coordination is key. Wang further hints that the future plans of NetEase include new classes and additional content for Crusaders of Light.

About Crusaders of Light
Experience the most authentic MMORPG experience on mobile with Crusaders of Light, featuring over 300 hours of available gameplay, epic raids of up to 40 players, and PvP-ranked arena battles of up to 40v40. Players can team up with friends to form a guild and take on others in the arena to earn their respect and establish dominance. Coordinate and strategize with guildmates via integrated voice chat whether you’re battling a legendary dragon or in the town center comparing rare gear or one of 50 kickass mounts — from a flying carpet to the raid boss, “Flaming Gorghana.”

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