Bethesda Pinball Now Available for Pinball FX3

From the Dragonborn to the DOOM marine, your favorite Bethesda heroes are now nailing skill shots and hitting ramp combos in a brand-new pinball experience. We are happy to announce that Bethesda Pinball has made the jump to Pinball FX3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.

Pinball FX3 is packed with new multiplayer matchups, non-stop tournament play, brand-new single-player challenges, and graphical updates to all of your tables including real-time lighting and dynamic shadows.
If you previously purchased Bethesda Pinball from any Xbox, PlayStation or Steam account, you can import your tables to Pinball FX3 for free. To do this, simply download Pinball FX3 and start the game. A message will pop up when you enter asking you to import previous purchases. Just say yes!
The updated Bethesda Pinball tables look amazing with the new graphical updates. Dynamic shadows deepen the dread of Hell in DOOM. Real-time lighting makes the fires of Alduin burn brighter than ever before in Skyrim. And the updated textures can withstand even the radioactive storms in Fallout. We have updated the physics, fixed a few bugs and balanced all the tables so your adventures will look and feel new.

Jump into the multiplayer experience and participate in league play. Your character’s skills and level could make the difference when you go face-to-face in multiplayer Matchups in Skyrim, beating other player’s scores and progressing through our new League System on your way to becoming a Pinball Wizard of the Diamond League.
If you prefer to stay solo, check out the new single-player Challenge modes and really put your skills to the test. Whether you’re ripping and tearing your way to the top score in DOOM or knocking out drop targets in Skyrim, these challenges will make you a better player.
Think you’re the best player on Fallout Pinball? Now you have the chance to prove it not only on the leaderboards but in nonstop Tournaments. Throw down the glove to the whole community or just compete with your buddies and design your own tournament from the ground up. We will be hosting our Zen Official tournaments as well, where you can win real life prizes and bragging rights before the whole community.
If you haven’t played Bethesda Pinball yet, now is the perfect time to jump in. At Zen Studios, we love these games as much as you do – and we really focused on delivering genuine fan service along with an evolutionary pinball experience that will connect players like never before. We hope to see you in a tournament or multiplayer matchup!

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